Investing In Public Education is Billie's top priority. As a 1st grade teacher, she understands the importance of developing student achievement from an early age through college. Billie will fight for schools to get the resources they deserve so every child has a quality education, regardless of their zip code.

Economy, Environment,

& Jobs

We need a boost in Sandoval County. Hard-working families in New Mexico have struggled for too long. Let’s invest in small businesses and use renewable resources to create an economy that benefits our environment and our families.


Good infrastructure is essential to our success. We cannot expect our community to thrive without good roads and utilities, and easy access to broadband. Billie will work hard to improve our infrastructure so that District 57 becomes an attractive community for businesses and families alike. Our families need a leader who knows the value of an investment in our infrastructure.

Campaign to Elect Billie Helean: 2003 Southern Blvd SE, Sute 102-34, Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Mobile: (505) 312-9400


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