"As a teacher I see the struggles families in our community face every day. As your Representative, I will fight every day to ensure that our community is a place where we can all build a successful life and raise our children to pursue their dreams.”

~Billie Helean

Billie's Values & Priorities

Investments in education are investments in our communities and future economic success.  We must foster student achievement from early childhood education through college with adequate school funding and family support.

A level playing field is the least we can expect from our government.  For too long, the deck has been stacked against everyday New Mexicans, while the powerful and well-connected get all the breaks.  We must reform our budget and tax system so they better serve working families.

Personal responsibility means more than just taking care of yourself and your family – it means doing right by your community. New Mexico will thrive when people, businesses, and our government recognize our shared responsibility, and work together on common-sense solutions to the challenges we face.

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  • Billie Helean
    published this page 2019-03-06 19:24:26 -0800